Recruitbank Power Reports makes your stats and reporting easy and enjoyable. It allows you to have full control throughout the process. Reports are found under your reporting tab, you merely select what you need, and run it. You can manipulate content by using convenient export tools that allow you to export reports into Excel, Word and .PDF.


  • Current Jobs
  • Job Templates
  • Workflow Statuses
  • Active Shortlists
  • Current Job List
  • Candidate Lookup Lists
  • Job Details
    • Closing Date
    • Job Reference Number
    • Job Posted to website - Yes/No
  • Applicant Stats
    • Applicants Found
    • Applicants with completed profiles
    • Unprocessed applicants
    • Shortlisted applicants
    • Rejected applicants
    • Applicants in the short list
    • Completed applicants in the short list
  • Job Stats
    • Job details completed - Yes/No
    • Documents uploaded - Yes/No
    • Number of stored searches
    • Created and Modified by ... and date
  • Applicants and processed applicants
  • Applicants in work flow list and applicants completed
  • Date job created
  • Profile stats
    • Last updated
    • Job History
    • Notes details
    • Attachments details

Standard Reports

Candidate Reports

  • Basic Candidate Data
  • Candidate Data Quality
  • Candidates Not Attached to a Vacancy
  • Communication
  • Fax
  • General Stats

Vacancy Reports

  • Basic Vacancy Data
  • Candidate Profile
  • General Stats
  • Long List
  • Matrix
  • Vacancy Screening Question Stats

System Reports

  • User Activity

Typical Stats

  • Candidates Registered
  • Candidates with completed profiles
  • Number of applicants per job
  • Total applications
  • Vacancies posted
  • Applicants with incomplete profiles  
  • Total applications with completed profiles
  • Total applications with incompleted profiles


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