Your Careers Portal must be core to your e-recruitment strategy

  • The core essence of an employer and recruiter’s e-recruitment strategy must be the effective management of their Careers Portal
  • As Careers Portals attract large numbers of interested talent the company’s brand and value in terms of providing a sound platform from which to launch a career is crucial
  • Engaging the talent is the product of bringing people to your Careers Portal from a number of different channels, be it Job Boards, Newspapers, Magazines, Jobs posted on a notice board, Social Media, Google, etc.
  • Candidates or Applicants can own and manage their CV's and Profile's, and apply for Jobs from your Corporate Portal using Recruitbank

An example of what comes as standard can very easily be embedded into your extended Careers section on your website. We consult with you to ensure that your culture and working life are well communicated through your Careers Portal.

Recruitbank e-Recruitment Careers Portal

Building your Candidate database quickly and effectively ensures that your Company owns the talent, and owns the market

  • Tools enable quick and easy posting of Jobs to your Careers Portal and extended channels
  • Recruitbank seamlessly integrates with job boards, social media and places your Job Ad in front of active Job seekers
  • Optimising the search capabilities of your Job Ads on Google and Social Media ensures that they are found easily
  • Your Careers Portal allows you to build your talent pool directly from your Corporate Website
  • Candidates who lose their password or who enquire about the status of their application are well looked after


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