Mark van Rensburg


Mark van Rensburg is an e-Recruitment specialist having worked with numerous job boards, recruitment agencies, corporate HR practitioners, specialist recruitment teams and technology partners. 

Mark is a shareholder / director of SUKEMA Integrated Solutions owners of Recruitbank. Mark has been an entrepreneur for the past 30 years and he has been involved in numerous ventures including consulting, manufacturing, packaging, recruitment, software development and the Internet.  

Mark is a graduate of The University of Stellenbosch and he gained extensive corporate experience with multinationals based in the UK, Belgium and Sweden. Mark has also completed a four year management development program and has extensive experience in business planning, business strategy, financial accounting, corporate funding, software development, project management, consulting, and HR.



Sue Roberts


Sue Roberts is a shareholder and CTO of SUKEMA Integrated Solutions.  She has numerous years of experience as development manager, senior technical solutions manager and senior developer. 

Her role is to manage the development team and has adopted very successfully the Agile Methodology.

She has a team of business analysts, architects, developers, testers, DBA, helpdesk support and systems manager.  As a predominantly Microsoft shop many of the Sukema projects are web applications written in Silverlight ,C#/ASP.NET accessing a SQL Server database. Other .NET based applications  complete the range of solutions (Those being web services, windows applications and windows services).

Some of the other technologies utilised include: JSP/J2SE/J2ME, PHP, C++ (Palm application talking to a smart card reader), OLAP cubes and Reporting Services.



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