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Note:  In September 2008 Global Vision sold Recruitbank to Sukema Integrated Solutions as part of a broader MBO.

Global Vision, a software development company, has added two innovations to its highly successful Recruitbank e-recruitment package. Recruitbank is a web-based software application that automates every step of the sometimes arduous recruiting process, from raising a requisition to importing new hire data into your payroll solution and everything in between. It interfaces seamlessly with corporate websites and effectively creates a one-stop candidate career centre.

“We’re always looking for interesting ways to harness modern communications technology and offer a better service to our clients, says Paul Devine, Recruitbank Product Manager at Global Vision. “Research has shown us that many applicants do not have easy access to the Internet when job hunting. To ensure these jobseekers are not lost to companies looking to hire new staff, we have developed two methods of managing applications outside the web.

“Potential candidates can pick up applications at local offices and fax through their handwritten paper applications, and the new Recruitbank software automatically converts the writing to text, and imports the data into Recruitbank. This is a real boon for HR managers who previously would have had to sort through reams of handwritten documents. Data capturing is now instantaneous, cutting down on time and expenditure for recruiters. We also have solutions to deal with the inevitable handwriting challenges that this process presents. This is a first in an e-recruiting context and our clients are very excited about the opportunities this provides in terms of transformation,” explains Devine

The second innovation exploits the fact that cellphones are ubiquitous among young South Africans. “They’re the Mxit generation,” agrees Devine. Targeting WAP-enabled mobile phones, potential recruits can access information and apply for positions and submit their applications on their handsets, once again cutting down on expense and documentation. Conveniently for HR personnel, this information can be quickly and accurately incorporated to their database of applicants, and can, in turn, be easily screened.

These innovations have opened up recruiting to a wider spectrum of previously disadvantaged young South Africans, an important step forward in transforming staffing demographics and tackling the skills shortage. Prestigious professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers believes these customisations to Recruitbank will go a long way in attracting the type of graduates they are seeking to transform their workforce. Says Nitasha Manik, national human capital partner of PwC, "We believe these innovations will facilitate optimal access to South Africa’s talent pool."

Paul Devine of GV believes that the South African job market is perfect for new e-marketing developments. “It’s exciting for us to tackle the broader non-Internet market with tailored recruitment processes. Not only does it cut down on the time and money spent by our clients, it also gives them customised access to a wider base of potential new hires, which helps them fulfil their staffing mandates.”

Other companies who have embraced Recruitbank as a staffing solutions tool include Murray & Roberts, BDO Spencer Stewart and Brandhouse.


Note:  In September 2008 Global Vision sold Recruitbank to Sukema Integrated Solutions as part of a broader MBO.

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