Cheré Botha School

Opened in 1981, Cherè Botha Special School has been serving children living with intellectual disability for nearly 30 years. For the last couple of years our services have been extended to include children on the autistic spectrum.

The school is currently hosted on 3 different premises and the WCED is planning to build a school to accommodate 300 learners, diagnosed with autism, intellectual disabilities and Down syndrome. Your assistance will enable us to provide quality education for our learners with special educational needs.

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"My son will be starting at Chere Botha in May.  I am so excited that he is finally going to a school that caters for his needs.  I look forward to meet parents that find themselves in my situation."
Carmelite Roberts posted to Cherè Botha Special School

Sukema is very proud to support and be a part of Cherè Botha Special School!

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