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Great e-Recruiters ...

are a cross between marketers and private investigators!

They have to be able to think as candidates, understand the market and be up-to-date with the latest technology. They also have to be much more brand aware than traditional corporate recruiters. They are effectively selling their company as an employer!

They have to change the way they use print advertising, it's more of a branding exercise now aimed at driving people to their website.

Recruitbank Features & Benefits

We provide advanced filtering and screening tools to achieve levels of 85-100% job requirement match.

Screening Question Set-up

Competency Based Screening Question Set-up

Application Process

Recruitbank e-Recruitment Application Process

Guidelines for Key Competencies

Considerations when using competency based screening:

  • Knowledge Competencies - practical or theoretical understanding of subjects
  • Skill and Ability Competencies - natural or learned capacities to perform acts
  • Behavioral Competencies - patterns of action or conduct
  • Ethnical and Functional Expertise
  • Understanding of the Business
  • Results Focus
  • Customer Service
  • Teamwork
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Leadership
  • Personal Effectiveness


Recruitbank is a most configurable e-recruitment system.  ALL drop downs and reference data in the career portal and within the admin site are client driven.  The system adapts to your recruitment processes, and not the other way around.

Recruitbank e-Recruitment Process

All your recruitment communication is driven by and stored in the system, and everything you do is tracked in your recruitment history!

The Recruitbank e-Recruitment Management Suite


Built to customise, configure and manage users, recruitment processes, reference data, competency based screening questions, SMS and e-mail communication and work flow.

Job Advertising

Allows for quick template driven Job selection, provides rich text editor functionality, manages your Job set-up process and allows for easy posting to your live Careers Portal.

Database Searching

Makes the finding of suitable Candidates for within your pool easy, refers candidates to Jobs and provides access to critical data fast thus reducing the cost of advertising.

Applicant Management

Rules manage the application process governing how applicants engage with the system. It manages the regretting, short listing and long listing process, and takes your applicant on a pleasant journey through your recruitment process to hire.

Ad Hoc and Auto Communication

Allows for easy selection and sending of standard letters, and triggers automatic SMS's and e-mails as you progress through your recruitment work flow process.


Ensures that the loop is closed not allowing the archiving of Job Ads until every last applicant has been dealt with effectively ensuring compliance and accountability.

Record Keeping and Notes

Keeps a detailed history and log of every transaction, keeps notes and tracks every step along the way.



Continuous Innovation

We believe the Recruitbank innovations will facilitate optimal access to South Africa’s talent pool."

Nitasha Manik, national human capital partner of PwC

Optimised e-Recruitment

Recruitbank produces all recruitment related correspondence, manages unsolicited CV’s, manages internal and external applicants, and allows for detailed applicant tracking within the longlist/shortlist component."


What is your Return on Investment (ROI) using Recruitbank?

  • 38% saving in terms of recruiter time per vacancy
  • 9 placements per annum allows you to break-even on your Recruitbank fees
  • Reduction in disputes and legal costs due to compliance
  • Increased job retention due to better matching of applicant against vacancy
  • Reduction in advertising costs
  • Reduction in recruitment agency fees

Recruitment cost saving

Is my data safe and secure?

Recruitbank relies on industry best practices, and ensures the security of sensitive data. Credit card information is encrypted with SSL (secure socket layers), is not stored on Recruitbank servers and is only used to verify billing info.

Your personal information is not shared with 3rd parties without consent. Review our Privacy Policy for more information.

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