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Great e-Recruiters ...

are a cross between marketers and private investigators!

They have to be able to think as candidates, understand the market and be up-to-date with the latest technology. They also have to be much more brand aware than traditional corporate recruiters. They are effectively selling their company as an employer!

They have to change the way they use print advertising, it's more of a branding exercise now aimed at driving people to their website.

Sukema Integrated Solutions

"It’s difficult to capture the Sukemian culture - it's just special! "Sukemians" is a word we've coined to represent all of us collectively at Sukema."

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Ratanga Cobra

Working at Sukema

We are a close knit team of inspired and dedicated professionals who enjoy what we do - we work hard and play hard! We have our focus areas and we expect everyone to excel in their specific roles.

Through our commitment to our people, our values, embracing diversity and our responsibility to our clients, we aim to create an environment in which our people are proud to work — and to foster a rich pool of talent to support our clients' businesses. We are all in this together so we support each other, challenge each other, and drive each other towards levels that are expected from an excellent company.

We have been fortunate to have grown our staff via referrals and that's ideally what we would prefer however that's not always possible. If you feel that you will blossom in this environment, please apply for a specific vacancy, or submit your CV to our online recruitment database. 

How do I join Sukema?

To join Sukema, you will first need to register and submit your profile.  Once registered, you can apply for multiple vacancies and you can update or delete your profile at any time.  If you are returning merely log-in or search for Jobs.  If you have lost your password we'll help you out, just click here.

By registering your profile, you agree that it is your responsibility to update or delete your information. From time to time, we may contact you to confirm that you want to stay on our recruitment database.  If you do not reply, we may permanently delete your details from our database.

We use our e-Recruitment product Recruitbank for our e-Recruitment!

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We Ensure We Play Hard Too!



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We are about DATA management. We believe that this is where we present the most value to our clients! We carry this through by having developed, and by developing, our own quality systems. Based on our experience in delivering complex software solutions, we offer a range of business tools developed specifically around our focus areas and to our clients' individual needs.

We are governed by the principles of professionalism and integrity, and our customer service and a willingness to go the extra mile in delivering UNIQUE business solutions provides us with happy and loyal customers. We as a software development company are able to provide our customers with meaningful end-to-end solutions without the fuss.

Very importantly, our systems are specifically designed for the unique challenges that companies face today.

Our Vision

To be a leading player in DATA management. Our vision is supported by the development and provision of innovative, centralized and cloud based end-to-end Operational Risk Management Software Systems. Our integration platform provides operational DATA to the power of web, cloud, mobile and other cutting edge technologies.

Our Mission

  • Employ loyal, motivated and skilled personnel
  • FOCUS on providing the highest quality software systems and services possible
  • Add value to our customers' business
  • Total, no-compromise customer satisfaction and we strive towards continuous improvement
  • Offer a complete package of up-to-date value added solutions to meet our customers' needs
  • Value above all our long term customer relations



Mark van Rensburg


Mark van Rensburg is an e-Recruitment specialist having worked with numerous job boards, recruitment agencies, corporate HR practitioners, specialist recruitment teams and technology partners. 

Mark is a shareholder / director of SUKEMA Integrated Solutions owners of Recruitbank. Mark has been an entrepreneur for the past 30 years and he has been involved in numerous ventures including consulting, manufacturing, packaging, recruitment, software development and the Internet.  

Mark is a graduate of The University of Stellenbosch and he gained extensive corporate experience with multinationals based in the UK, Belgium and Sweden. Mark has also completed a four year management development program and has extensive experience in business planning, business strategy, financial accounting, corporate funding, software development, project management, consulting, and HR.



Kevin Buret


Kevin Burét has many years of experience in business management, business development, and technology, and is a shareholder / director of SUKEMA Integrated Solutions. Over a period of 29 years he worked his way up in the GIS world of spatial mapping technology where he headed up a division with an extensive team of GIS specialists.

For the past six years Kevin has been responsible for the formulation of strategic objectives for Sukema; optimizing operations and structures, devising business strategies, launching new software products and developing global Business Partnership Networks.

Kevin provides specific strategic direction for sales and software development linked to current market needs and trends.

Kevin is well connected and represents Sukema on numerous bodies, forums and societies.


Sue Roberts


Sue Roberts is a shareholder and CTO of SUKEMA Integrated Solutions.  She has numerous years of experience as development manager, senior technical solutions manager and senior developer. 

Her role is to manage the development team and has adopted very successfully the Agile Methodology.

She has a team of business analysts, architects, developers, testers, DBA, helpdesk support and systems manager.  As a predominantly Microsoft shop many of the Sukema projects are web applications written in Silverlight ,C#/ASP.NET accessing a SQL Server database. Other .NET based applications  complete the range of solutions (Those being web services, windows applications and windows services).

Some of the other technologies utilised include: JSP/J2SE/J2ME, PHP, C++ (Palm application talking to a smart card reader), OLAP cubes and Reporting Services.




4R Technologies

4R Technologies

Recruitment for BPO Services into the USA.

Region: Southern Africa


Tshikululu Social Investments

Tshikululu Social Investments

TSI uses Recruitbank to manage unsolicited CV’s, internal and external general recruitment in the CSI environment.

Region: South Africa


ctt logo

Cape Town Tourism

CTT uses Recruitbank to manage their entire recruitment process from their candidate database to applicant screening to hire.

Region: South Africa









Continuous Innovation

We believe the Recruitbank innovations will facilitate optimal access to South Africa’s talent pool."

Nitasha Manik, national human capital partner of PwC

Optimised e-Recruitment

Recruitbank produces all recruitment related correspondence, manages unsolicited CV’s, manages internal and external applicants, and allows for detailed applicant tracking within the longlist/shortlist component."


What is your Return on Investment (ROI) using Recruitbank?

  • 38% saving in terms of recruiter time per vacancy
  • 9 placements per annum allows you to break-even on your Recruitbank fees
  • Reduction in disputes and legal costs due to compliance
  • Increased job retention due to better matching of applicant against vacancy
  • Reduction in advertising costs
  • Reduction in recruitment agency fees

Recruitment cost saving

Is my data safe and secure?

Recruitbank relies on industry best practices, and ensures the security of sensitive data. Credit card information is encrypted with SSL (secure socket layers), is not stored on Recruitbank servers and is only used to verify billing info.

Your personal information is not shared with 3rd parties without consent. Review our Privacy Policy for more information.

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